6 Lies Unicode Tells About Parenting

6 Ways The Unicode Emoji Lie About Parenting

Don’t get us wrong—we LOVE our Unicode keyboard. Where would we be without 😍, 💩, or 👯? But when it comes to parenting, the Unicode emoji don’t quite tell the full story. Here’s why:

1. The Baby Is Always Happy
I can literally count on one hand how many times my daughter looked like this during her first year of life.

How Unicode Emoji Lie About Parenting - Baby Is Always Happy

2. Everybody’s Looking at the Camera
Props to Unicode for giving us like a dozen versions of a scenario that has literally never happened.
How Unicode Emoji Lie About Parenting - Everyone Looks at the Camera

3. This Attractive Bottle Is Not Leaking
And you totally didn’t spill four ounces of breastmilk trying to fill it.
6 Ways Unicode Emoji Lie About Parenting - The Bottle Isn't Leaking

4. This Is a Sign You Will See Frequently Enough to Warrant Its Own Emoji
Reality: I had to look it up to confirm that it’s the symbol for a baby changing station. I’ve never seen one of these in real life. Welcome to changing a poopy baby on your lap!
6 Ways Unicode Lies About Parenting - You Will See This Sign Places

5. The Only Emotion You Will Feel During Pregnancy Is Starry-Eyed Contentment
Blind rage is totally not a thing.
6 Ways Unicode Lies About Parenting - The Pregnant Woman Is Content

6. There Is Literally Nothing More to Say About an Experience Shared by Millions Worldwide
Yep, it’s true. Unicode has 12 different train emoji but only 5 that really speak to what it’s like to raise a tiny human. We can do better!
6 Ways Unicode Lies About Parenting - There's Nothing More to Say

That’s why we made EmojiMom, a keyboard app that helps moms and dads tell the truth about parenting. From pumping-in-the-bathroom to crying-in-the-carseat, come see what our emoji are all about.