How to Use EmojiMom

Just downloaded the app and wondering how to use EmojiMom? First off, thanks! We hope our blowout emoji meets your expectations.

Second, it only takes a few simple steps to use a keyboard app:

Step 1
Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard

Step 2
Under Third-Party Keyboards, select EmojiMom

Step 3
Turn on Allow Full Access
Full Access is required for EmojiMom to function, which is typical of keyboard apps. But we will never collect your personal information or transmit what you type over any network.

Step 4
Go to iMessage. Press and hold down the globe icon to switch to the EmojiMom keyboard.

Step 5
Tap on an image to copy it, then tap in the text field to paste the image. Then send that blowout emoji to the people in your life who get it!

HINT: If an emoji has a plus sign beside it, that means there are multiple skin tones available. Holding down on the emoji will allow you to select the skin tone you would like to use.

Have any feedback on using EmojiMom or what we can do to make the app better? Please let us know.