Why We Made EmojiMom

Why We Made EmojiMom

Why did we decide to make an emoji app for moms? Because we wanted to use one ourselves!

We’re three lifelong friends who’ve always texted one another about important things like The Bachelorette and Kate Middleton’s hair. But it wasn’t until all of us had new babies in 2015 that our group chats became more than a place to arrange happy hours and trade Ryan Gosling GIFs. Then, texting became our lifeline.

Why We Made EmojiMom - One of Our Early Text Conversations

When you’re a new mom, trapped under a newborn who’s alternately sleeping or wailing, wearing an adult diaper yourself, there are two things you need very desperately: 1) to talk with someone who’s been through this before, who can tell you “this sucks” or “it gets better” or “here’s what worked for me” and 2) reminders that despite the leaky boobs and eat-sleep-cry cycle that is your life, you’re still the same person underneath.

That’s what texting offered us, but we quickly realized that while our lives had changed, our emoji hadn’t caught up. It turns out there is no Unicode emoji that accurately depicts what it feels like to be 9 months pregnant. To be awakened by a screaming newborn while your partner sleeps peacefully through the ordeal. Or to spill milk that was pumped oh so painstakingly and against all odds in an airport bathroom stall.

So, we decided to make them.

We’ve spent the past year brainstorming mom emoji that to us, reflect some of the realities of


Why We Made EmojiMom - Maternity Jeans     Why We Made EmojiMom - 20 Weeks Banana     Why We Made EmojiMom - Still Pregnant

Why We Made EmojiMom - Labor Ball     Why We Made EmojiMom - Peri Bottle     Why We Made EmojiMom - 1 CM Dilated

….and life with babies.

Why We Made EmojiMom - Sideye Baby     Why We Made EmojiMom - Nosefrieda     Why We Made EmojiMom - Pumping on Laptop

We asked other friends to share their ideas, and added those too. Everyone’s experience of motherhood is different, after all, and we wanted our emoji to speak to the breastfeeders and the bottle feeders, the cloth diaperers and the ‘sposies-for-life.

The result is EmojiMom, a custom keyboard app that lets you send the emoji you see above—and 250+ more—over text and email. We’re continuously adding new designs to the keyboard, so if you have an idea for an emoji or a way to improve the app, please let us know.

We hope EmojiMom can be a part of your lifeline just as much as it has been a part of ours. We can’t wait to hear what you think!