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8 Times An Emoji Is Worth A Thousand Words

Sometimes, emoji just raise more questions than they answer. The proper usage of the red “100” remains under debate. And when’s the last time “raise the roof hands” (or is that a goalpost in a game of table football?) did anything other than confuse the situation?

But sometimes, the right emoji can convey more than a screen’s worth of text ever could. Herewith, eight times EmojiMom emoji will save the day, and your thumbs.

1. When your co-worker texts you again with, “Any news?”:

2. When your best friend asks how your final OB appointment went:


3. When you are asked what new motherhood is like but are too tired to type (or be diplomatic):
Pads_1_cropped PeriBottle_1_cropped SitzBath_3_cropped

4. When your sister asks for advice on what to register for (because really, sometimes this sums it up):

sophie_cropped NippleCream_1_cropped

5. When tears of fury in your eyes make it difficult to type actual words:

6. When your partner texts from out of town and asks how the day went:
BabySad_1_cropped BabyCarSeatSad_1_cropped BabyCribCrying_1_cropped

7. When you have a lump in your throat and this is all you can manage:

8. When you realize you’re a survivor:

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