About EmojiMom

In 2015, we had new babies (yay!), friends who were going through the same thing only a text away (also yay!), but not nearly enough emoji to express what was REALLY happening in our lives as new moms. We needed the “I just spilled pumped milk” emoji. The “I’m up with a crying baby while my spouse sleeps peacefully beside me” emoji. And the “cleaning bottles is the WORST” emoji.

So we made EmojiMom, a custom keyboard that makes it easier to share our joys, challenges, and everything in between. We hope it helps you to share your journey, too. And if you have any suggestions for making EmojiMom better, please give us a shout!

Meet the EmojiMom Team
Hannah Hudson

Hannah Hudson is mom to Henry, age 3, and Maisie, age 1. She spends her days as a writer, editor, and digital marketer, and her nights picking up Cheerios off the floor. Hannah holds an M.F.A. in writing for children from Hamline University. Her favorite Unicode emoji is the chipmunk.

Natalie Ralston

Natalie is mom to Hattie, age 1. She is an educational fundraiser who has worked in development and alumni relations at independent schools and in higher education. She is also an avid glockenspiel player and enthusiastic singer of the ABCs. Natalie holds a B.A. from Trinity College. She has been friends with Hannah since first grade and with Sarah since college. Her favorite Unicode emoji is the Information Desk Person.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah is mom to Jack, age 1. She is a consultant working with education clients, and prior to that was a publicist at Alfred A. Knopf publishers. Recently, she has become an expert in the names of different kinds (and colors!) of trucks. Sarah has an M.B.A. from Yale and a B.A. from Harvard, where she met Hannah on the first day of school, and Natalie soon after. Sarah’s favorite Unicode emoji is the breaded shrimp scampi.

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke is a San Diego-based graphic designer specializing in illustration. She is enthusiastic about people, creative challenges, and spending time with her husband, and two-year-old son. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, listening to comedy podcasts, and soaking up those rare moments of silence!

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