It is evident that online slot games are quite exciting and fun, but do you know what makes them fun? Well, slot features play an essential role in it. These features are specially designed to make your gambling experience worthy and realistic. Apart from it, these features also make your games easy to play and effortless.

You can use them in your games and increase your chances of winning. Apart from it, each game comes with different features, but some are pretty common. Here is a list of all those features and how you can use them in your game. However, if you still find any difficulty in understanding the importance of these features, you can check เว็บตรง for better reference.


Whether playing slot online or offline, sometimes you need to multi-task or just stay still while the reels are spinning. In such a case, auto is designed to make your task easy; It is one of the most common features that you can see in every slot game.

You just have to click on this button to start the process and click again to stop it. Moreover, you can also set auto play slot button to set several games at a single time. You can use this feature to stop your game if you lose so many bucks. Remember, the auto play also contains your bonus rounds.

Wild symbols

You will find these symbols in almost every slot game. It has become very effective for a player who wants to win high. This feature is widely prevalent among players to increase their odds of winning. In addition, these symbols integrate with other modifiers and can stretch up your game.

You can use it anytime in between your slot game if you find you are losing or do not understand what next to do. It will lock you in that place, making it safe.

Free spins

There are so many online slot games which offer you free spins in the name of bonuses. These spins are beneficial and can make you win a lot of money at ease. You can use these features to play games free of cost. Moreover, it is a reward if you get it one time, but it is a feature when you get it multiple times.

As high your wager increases or scatters count triggers, you will have a chance to spin and earn some promotional awards, which you can use in your games. Many of the online slot websites also offer you buy a feature opportunity. If you want any feature to get add on in your list, you can simply buy it. No doubt, it will cost you some bucks, which you can easily make in slot games.


This feature comes from its name as it can adapt to any spot on your screen. Regular symbols work on a payline adjacent to reels to get practical experience. However, scatters can still provide you effortless experience anywhere on board. Moreover, you can also unlock free spins or other bonuses using scatters. But you will need at least 3 to 4 for unlocking.

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